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Provenance Distributions - Importer Distributor Supplier of fast-moving food & beverages - Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia-Pacific


Provenance Distributions imports, markets and distributes fast-moving, trending food & beverages from around the world to major Asia-Pacific markets.

We are headquartered in two of the biggest trading hubs in the Asia-Pacific: Singapore (our HQ for Southeast Asia & Australia. Situated in Tanglin Road) and Hong Kong (our HQ for China and North Asia. Situated in Two International Finance Centre).

We handle Wholesale Distribution in Singapore and Hong Kong where we have an extensive retail network and best-in-class logistics & delivery support for our retail customers. Our products are widely sold in over 1,000 locations across major establishments in supermarkets, F&B chains, five-star hotels, Airlines and other mass retail outlets in Singapore and Hong Kong.

We also handle Regional Distribution to other major Asia-Pacific markets through our network of National Wholesale Distributors. We manage this through our HQ Hubs in Singapore (for Southeast Asia & Australia markets) and Hong Kong (for China & North Asia markets).

Through our marketing expertise and media network, we also help F&B brand owners grow their brands in the Asia-Pacific by implementing successful marketing campaigns to promote brand awareness and retain brand loyalty. 

Value to Consumers

Our mission is to make trending fast-moving food & beverages more accessible and affordable to the mass market. We were a pioneer in establishing the market for Tetra Pak coconut water in Singapore — initially a niche product, into the well-loved drink it is today. We’ve now grown to be one of the largest importers of coconut water and other award winning food & beverages.

To find out more about us, please check out our corporate profile.

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