Provenance Distributions | Importer, Supplier & Distributor of food & beverages | Singapore & Hong Kong | Provenance Distributions - Value to Retailers
We bring in fast-moving trending food, drinks and beverages that generate volume sales. We have the expertise and logistics facilities to meet your supply and delivery needs.
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Value to Retailers

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Provenance Distributions brings in fast-moving & trending food & beverages that generate volume sales. Our fast-selling products are placed in major establishments in over 1,000 locations across various market segments in Singapore and Hong Kong. As such we have the expertise to meet your logistics and delivery requirements.


We are partnered with some of the biggest air and sea freight forwarders to ensure a seamless supply chain. We utilize accredited food storage warehouse facilities to ensure that our products meet the highest F&B safety standards.


We also have an in-house delivery fleet and a professional orders administration team to meet the highest service standards for prompt delivery.