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Nakula Singapore – Coconut Oil 100% Pure Virgin Organic Cold Pressed
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Nakula is a premium organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil — yet it’s one of the most affordable brands on the market. High quality oil is extracted from certified organic fresh coconuts, thus preserving its nutrients. The aromatic clear liquid turns lusciously buttery when refrigerated. This miracle product from nature — rich in medium chain fatty acids, anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities — boasts various health benefits. It helps perk up one’s metabolism and immune system, lowers bad cholesterol, and it’s a natural moisturiser for the skin and hair. Enjoy on its own, drizzled over salads, granola, yogurt, stirred into coffee, baked in cakes and as a cooking oil. Nakula is also a socially responsible brand that gives back to society. A portion of its sales is donated to the Planet Water Foundation to provide clean water across Asia.

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Interested in finding out more? Please browse through the Nakula product kit.

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